Wireless and Realtime Systems Print

Wireless and Real-time systems are systems where the logger devices communicate wirelessly with a receiver(s) and pass the logged data through to a single computer for viewing and analysis.

These systems fall into two main categories:

  • Static Systems
  • Real-time Systems

In static systems the data is manually collected from the wireless logging units using a handheld device to store records temporarily. They are then later transferred to a computer for viewing and analysis. The Escort Wireless Mini system is a Static system.

Real-time systems allow you to collect this data automatically and in real-time: the latest data is always available on your computer, and alerts/warnings can be set to notify you of any problem conditions as and when they occur. The Fourtec Datanet system is a Real-time system.

Depending on your system of choice, very large areas can be monitored from a central point. These systems are ideally suited to environments such as warehouses, cold storage facilities, hospitals and large retail outlets.