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Fairbridge Technologies' products are supplied and backed by these established world-class manufacturers. Please click on each for more information, or use the drop-down menu above to narrow down your selection.


Supplier of miniature, robust iButton Temperature and Humidity dataloggers.


Manufactures affordable reliable datalogging solutions, including models with probes, specialised loggers, handheld solutions and wireless data logging systems.


Supplies one of the most advanced ZigBee wireless data logging systems available on the marketplace, as well as superior handheld solutions for on-site data logging.


Manufacturers of accurate, low-cost, innovative time and temperature sensitive indicators / labels


Designed the iTag, a credit-card sized PDF temperature datalogger requiring no software or training - the simplest solution for cost-effective datalogging yet.


Cargo Data Corp provides industry-leading cold chain monitoring solutions for firms involved in the perishable food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and floral industries. Cargo Data’s goal is to simplify the process of monitoring temperature during transit, storage and distribution.

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