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What is an environmental policy?

β€œAn Environmental Policy is a course of action that is deliberately taken (or not taken) in order to manage human activities with the purpose to prevent, reduce or lessen the harmful impact on nature and natural resources, and ensuring that man-made changes to the environment do not have harmful effects on humans.”

Currently, business focus is shifting from a mass-consumer perspective to an environment-aware outlook, whereby Environmental Policies are created and enforced to create a company that exists in harmony with its milieu.

Our commitment to the environment

Fairbridge Technologies strives to create products and services that does not harm the environment, but essentially promote awareness for our planet – our emphasis on recycling and re-using will not only lessen environmental impact, but save your company thousands in the long run.

Our environmental policy can be summarized in four main ideas:

  • The use of recyclable packaging materials throughout, including biodegradable device housings and labels
  • Re-use of logger devices instead of single use application
  • Disposing of old devices in an environmentally safe manner
  • Development with the environment in mind – reusability and integrateability being the keywords

An environmentally conscious approach to device use: